Meet TPD Marketing...

Your Chief Thinkers, Planners and Do'ers 

- Founder and Chief "Thinker" 

With over 30 years of marketing experience from the grassroots to managing director level, Catherine has often been defined as having "more energy than most". The very idea for this agency came from the frequent conversations made during the commuter hours when so-called downtime was used to its best advantage... TPD'ing! 

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- "Do'er" 

New, fresh and Social both in work and play! 

Steve brings a wordsmith, intellectual dynamic to the team and offers insight in to trends, events and online tone. 


- "Planner" of Client Services

Attention to detail counts... Karina focuses on keeping things on schedule and on message.  Service delivery is at the heart of everything TPD does after all it's no use having the best campaign in the world and nobody seeing it.