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The 3 Step Marketing Solution...


New brand, new service, new market, all these avenues require a good idea a solid thought process to get them off the ground and to be authentic.  

Simple, fast and effective, over thinking leads only to inaction and thats not the TPD way.


  • Company Strategy - in order to be authentic you need to state your mission, develop your purpose and create you tone of voice. This is one step further than your brand guidelines this is turning your business into a brand. 

  • Marketing Strategy - once the above is clear, you can then turn to communicating with your audience, your customers and your consumers, now is the time to develop the "who, what, where and how"

  • Team development - if you are an existing team that needs development, enabling them to learn from a senior professional with speed up their progress and enable your brand development to progress at a faster rate. 

Image by Daria Nepriakhina
Image by Felipe Furtado


Having a solid digital marketing plan means you can be flexible when you need to and take calculated risks if and when required.  Twelve months, 2 years, 1 week, knowing what's next means you and your stakeholders are in the driving seat.  

  • We will build for you or with you a bespoke activity plan for your business to add and work alongside your sales effort. All our plans come with a guaranteed review process so we can test and learn our thinking along the way. 

  • We will develop a set of "Audience personas" enabling you to establish who your customers are and what problem you are able to solve for them. 

  • It can be easy to enter into believing that your brand needs to be present across all of the Channel development however focusing on the right ones can lead to an improved sales funnel. 


New rules apply, the way brands communicate with their audience has evolved. 

At TPD we believe, it's vital to hold and maintain a two-way conversation with your audience, one that is built on trust and authenticity.


  • Social Community management  - maintaining an ongoing relationship and conversation with your audience is vital if you are establishing your brand and your products. A Social Media guide can act as a great starter to help you start and grow your audience. 

  • Events are a great way to establish trust and transparency if you are a people-based brand, curating the right panel and pre & post content is vital to the success of your events. 

  • Email marketing continues to build your tone of voice ensures that your editorial content remains on message and true to your tone of voice.  

Image by Marvin Meyer
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